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10 content marketing ideas to grow your small business

by Amy Chandler April 20, 2018

10 content marketing ideas to grow your business

So you want to grow your business.

You know you should be doing this thing called 'content marketing'.

But the thought of actually sitting down to write content makes your brain hurt.

You're forever in draft mode and struggle to hit the publish button on anything.

If this rings any bells, you've come to the right place.

Take it from me, content marketing can be the difference between growing your business and #crickets. 

That's why today we're going to take you through 10 content marketing ideas to help you grow your small business. 

But first, you may be scratching your head asking, what exactly does content marketing mean? Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is rapidly being adopted by businesses to engage and gain customers.

It's all about delivering content and information that goes to the heart of what your customers want to read. 

Ok enough with the definitions, let’s dive into 10 content marketing ideas to grow your business!

Use the right social media platforms

There are a lot of “should’s” and “supposed to’s” regularly bandied around in the online business world and one of them is that you should be on ALL the social media platforms. 

Not true. 

For your small business content marketing to be effective, you have to understand where your audience lives online and which platform will give you a one-way ticket to reach them.

Our advice? Rather than spread yourself too thinly across all the platforms, double down on one or two platforms. 

Social media platforms have become critical in 2018 but don't waste your time on the wrong ones. 

Keep in mind different groups of people have preferences for different social media platforms. For example, some people are best engaged using Facebook, others prefer Instagram stories.

Work out what your customers are loving and beeline over there. 

Create original and meaningful content

Creating content is not hard. You just have to ask yourself what your audience wants to read.

Content that is intriguing, entertaining, and useful to the reader is likely to build brand value and help grow your social media reach. 

By helping someone through your content, you'll be front of mind when they are looking for a business like yours. 

Harvest your clients, team and friends for stories and examples which might be useful to your audience.

When something happens to you in your business, write about it.

Solved a problem? Write about it. 

This will help you create content that is appealing and stands out for your target market.

Use the right words 

The language you use is important. When creating content, keep your intended social media audience in mind and write to one reader. 

To capture the attention of your intended audience, you should not only use words or expressions that they are familiar with - you should use the words they actually use.

Speak directly to them. 

Because using the wrong copy, language or expressions can turn your audience away and into the hands of your competitor. 

Get mobile friendly 

It's no surprise that everyone's getting their news and content on their phones and mobile devices these days. 

Wanna make sure your message stands out in the crowd? It needs to be accessible quickly from a variety of devices, so make sure that your website is mobile optimised aka mobile friendly. 

Get serious about blogging

By far, the easiest way to tell great stories, around which you can build great products, is with blog posts.

Here we go again but write blogs that are helpful to your ideal audience. 

And make sure you optimise your content through the use of keywords and links.This will increase response to search engines (SEOs) and increase lead generation.

Make email marketing a priority 

Make email marketing your number one priority.

If social media is opening the door to a relationship with a potential client, emailing them is like pouring them a hot cup of tea. 

Not only does it increase traffic to your website, it creates further trust with your customers. 

If you want to get really nerdy, email is statistically the leader in generating the highest return in marketing.

Have a strong call to action 

So now you have produced quality content, marketed it through email, and through social media platforms. All of this will be futile if you have not provided your potential client with the opportunity to further engage.

Don't close the door on them and stop talking to them. 

Determine what's the next step in your relationship and include this as a call to action. 

For example, ask your readers to share your content on social media, or ask them to give you their email address in engage for a free coaching session with you.

Make sure the call to action is simple, easy to identify and gives them what they want.

Post frequently and regularly 

To avoid becoming stale on social media, make sure you post content on a frequent basis.

The longer the intervals between posts, the greater the risk of your content becoming stale.

And as much as possible, tie your content to current events or issues so that your audience can relate to it and the algorithms love it.

If your audience perceives that your content has become stale and is no longer relevant, they'll go turn to your competitor for fresh content.

Re-orient the landing page

Your landing page is so important and is one way ticket to getting more leads and conversions.

Pop-ups that request the page visitor to enter their contact information are highly effective at generating more leads.

If people are interested, they will be happy to give you their details in exchange for more value. 

Encourage meaningful participation

When consumers comment on your Instagram account, respond to them instantaneously. Don't post and then ghost. 

Let them know that you value their opinions and participation. This is how you build an online community. 

Don't forget to ask your customers what they think. Got a new product coming but not sure what colour to stock? Share a poll about new product and encourage them to take an active role in your business.

Make use of these content marketing ideas

Content marketing is the art of creating high-quality written, visual, and video content to reach and engage your desired audience.

Want to grow your business? It is so important that businesses ensure that they have cutting edge content marketing campaigns to not only remain relevant but engage their customers. 

Amy Chandler
Amy Chandler


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