The 3 simple steps to demystifying local SEO

The 3 simple steps to demystifying local SEO

by Comms Hub May 06, 2019

The 3 simple steps to demystifying local SEO

Are you a little confused about why you need an SEO strategy? Or are you just starting out and not even sure what SEO is? Read on for the latest, easy to read explanation you can devour in 5 minutes or less. This article has been kindly produced by Comms Hub your friendly, local SEO agency. You're welcome! 

Simply - the goal of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to get to the first page of Google. 


Because your customers are more likely to click on the results shown on the first page of Google an incredible 70% of the time according to the latest stats from Advanced Web Ranking, that means you need to rank higher than your competitors or your customers won't be able to find you. 

How does Google decide who appears where?

Google ranks search results based on an algorithm (that changes all of the time). The algorithm consists of a combination of factors including customer intent, keywords, relevance and authority.

But don't worry you don't need to be an expert mathematician to crack the algorithm, below are the 3 simple steps to deliver a successful SEO campaign as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Know what your customers are searching for.

It's all about good keyword research. Think about the key terms that your customers are likely to search for when looking to solve a problem. The key here is a relevant search, so you need to start basic and expand from there. 

Example: If a customers' water pipe has just burst they are going to Google keywords like:

  1. 'local plumber open now'
  2. 'best plumber in Canberra open 24 hours'
  3. 'how to turn off the mains water at my house'

Generate a list of keywords that you think your target audience will use to find your product or service and see how you rank. If you aren't in the 1st page and want to be, contact us for a FREE chat so we can get you found.

Optimise your website.

We have written a bit lately about the importance of your website and optimising content for your customers (super important read more about it here), well SEO is all about making your site easy for Google to read. 

Essentially, your website has backend information (let's call it metadata and tags) and Google reads this information to build a profile about your business. Google isn't going to read every word on the site, it merely reads these tags to determine who you are, what you sell, where you are located etc. so they can serve up your website when someone is imputing relevant keywords.

To dominate in SEO you need to ensure that as much of your back end information is optimised for Google as possible. Our 30 DAY LOCAL SEO GROWTH CAMPAIGN does exactly that - creates and updates header tags, meta tags and descriptions so you don't have to.

Build Authority

The last step is to prove to Google you have the best content for their users. That is why people care so much about backlinks from reputable sites. Google seeks out content that is so compelling that people share it and link to it around the internet. Google loves to see lots of people linking to sites as it's a demonstration of credibility and delivers authority. More links to your website = more authority & a higher ranking.

Speaking of backlinks be warned. You might have seen those ads from businesses selling backlinks that will guarantee you rank in the first page of Google for a few $. This is not a good idea. Like all things - if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Google knows when someone is buying links and penalises your site for it. So if your goal is to get on the 1st page of Google, this is not the way to go about it.

So how do you build authority authentically?

One way is to generate high-quality content that other reputable sites will post and link back to (credit) your website. For example, if your business is baking cupcakes consider creating content such as "awesome recipes" or blogs on "tips and tricks to make the perfect cupcake". Get in contact with other sites (with bigger audiences and credibility in your industry) and provide the content in exchange for a link back to your site. You will be surprised at how easy and effective this can be - and a few genuine, authentic backlinks can go a long way in improving your ranking.

If you are a local business with a physical location or service area (cafe, retailer, sparkie etc.) generating blogs and content is probably not what you need. You need to ensure your Google My Business listing is set up, accurate and contains all of your business information. Google considers what others think and looks at reviews when determining where you are ranked. Focus on encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews on Google and Facebook and watch your authority increase in no time at all.

And remember the whole reason we exist is to help small business with SEO services exactly like this. So if you don't have the time or energy to implement this yourself, why not get in touch with us and we can take this off your hands and have you ranking in no time at all.

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