Do you really know who your customer is? Do you try and target everyone, in the hope that it will drive your sales?

We developed this package to help people just like you. Working together we will identify who your ideal customer is and where to find them. The most important part of effective digital marketing that drives ROI is all about targeting. After all, who wants to pay $ to reach the wrong people?

What's Included:

  • We will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire so we can really get to know everything about your business before the workshop.
  • We deep dive into your business - identifying current customers, mapping their journey and identifying new opportunities to increase your sales. 
  • Working with our professional marketing expert we lead a 30 minute phone or Skype workshop with you and your team.
  • We will identify exactly who your ideal customer is, why they are right for your business and most importantly how to find them.
  • You will finish the session with a crystal clear picture of your customer, an asy to use customer profile and most importantly simple steps showing you how to reach and convert them into sales.

Delivery: 7 -10 days, contact us for more information.

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